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4 Inch Silver Plated Peacock Serving Bowl with Tray, Brass Bowl for Gift, Silver Dry Fruit Bowl (Set of 4)

2,399.00 1,909.00

4 Inch Silver Plated Peacock Serving Bowl with Tray, Return Gifts, Silver Dry Fruit Bowl for Kitchen (Set of 3)

1,999.00 1,309.00

4 Inch Silver Plated Three Lotus Serving Bowl Set with Tray, Return Gifts, Brass Dry Fruit Bowl for Kitchen

1,999.00 1,309.00

8 Inch Gold-Silver Plated Lotus Dry Fruit Serving Bowl, Return Gift for Wedding, Brass Bowl for Gift

2,399.00 1,599.00

8 Inch Gold-Silver Plated Nakshi Flower Design Serving Bowl, Return Gift, Brass Dry Fruit Bowl

2,499.00 1,599.00

999 Pure Silver Lakshmi Coin for Pooja, Silver Coin for Gift, Silver Coin for Marriage Gift

2,999.00 1,999.00

999 Silver and 24K Gold Plated Horse Pen Stand Showpiece for Home/Office Decor

1,999.00 1,099.00

999 Silver Lakshmi Ganesha 1000 Rupees Currency Note Frame for Gift, Occasional Return Gift

1,699.00 939.00

999 Silver Plated Buddha Statue for Home, Buddha Idol for Car/Office, Return Gifts

549.00 349.00

Aeroplane Clock for Office Table, Gift for Employer, Return Gifts for Award Ceremonies

1,899.00 999.00

Antique Gold-Silver Plated Two Serving Bowl Set with Lid and Tray, Golden Handi Set for Gift

1,999.00 1,299.00

Antique Silver Plated Wine Glass Set for Couple, Wine Glass Set of 2

2,099.00 1,149.00