Gold Silver Plated Items – Perfect gift ideas for an auspicious occasion.

Silver Plated articles are widely used in any pooja occasion. The useful and significant products which are used on daily basis are here only for you which are presented by Goldgiftideas. Here all the pooja articles are made with Silver-plated and we offer a wide range of offers which will be rare for you to find it at other places. Silver-plated items are considered to be the top things that are offered to your loved ones on their special occasions. The appearance and look are well furnished with amazing design work in silver plated. If you are looking for such 999 silver-coated articles then you are the right place where you will get the perfect pooja items that are used for occasions like Housewarming, Wedding, and many other pooja ceremonies.

Goldgiftideas hold the variety of product range which will suit your occasions.

Wide Silver coated pooja articles – which is conventional, classy, and pleasing.

It is a seal of faith and originality: Goldgiftideas is the most trusted brand who wants customer satisfaction. 

– If you are looking for something unique for your pooja room than we offer you the best pooja accessories which are used on daily basics. The 999 silver-coated pooja thali is used in Festival season like Diwali where you can do pooja with this beautiful thali set. It will come along with the Silver finish, oxidized, and Brass pooja thali.

If you are looking for some silver plated pooja articles for your home then go online and shop now on Goldgiftideas.

– The Pooja items are must-have things for every pooja room. Goldgiftideas bestow you many pooja articles like Kalash, Singhasan, Diya, Kankavati, Attardani, Tulsi Plant, God idols, Prasad Dabbi, Shreefal, Loti Zari, and many more. It is 999 Silver plated pooja items that are used on a festive occasion or Pooja ceremonies like Satyanarayan pooja or Lakshmi Pooja or Ganesh Chaturthi and many.

Gold-Silver designer bowl set which has a multifarious collection available for you.

– The Bowl set which is made up of Gold Silver plating will make your celebration more attractive after serving it in such an amazing bowl. It has many designs like Peacock, Lotus, ZigZag, Antique, and many more which will come along with spoon. It has different shapes and size which is limited to find so here Goldgiftideas present you such bowls which is used for giving return gift or for Wedding, Housewarming, Pooja Ceremony or Diwali. In Diwali, it is used for keeping Dry fruits or Dry snacks in such silver plated bowl.

Enhance the beauty of your In-House bar or your kitchen with this perfectly crafted Dinnerware.

– The Silver coated Dinner Set is well designed and with its rich look, it will make your tableware more adorable. The Dinnerware is made up of Brass, Bronze, and Silver Plated with that there are glass sets that are a perfect combination for any serve ware items. It contains all the necessary items which are needed for Dinner Set. It is the epitome for your tableware and it is the best decorative article in silver plated.


The Silver Plated items with Goldgiftideas are unique and made from advanced technology which is self-investigated before giving to you. We offer huge discounts on bulk orders and the motto is to provide the best quality to you. All the pooja articles of silver-plated are used on festival occasions like Navratri, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Pongal, Onam, and many others. It is also used in pooja occasion so do not wait for anything and grab these silver plated items for you or for giving return gift to your someone specials.

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